New air conditioner on 3rd floor!

New air conditioner on 3rd floor!


This season, opening the window of the room, autumn breeze passes through the room, it is very comfortable.
However, until the end of September, there will still be days of high temperatures.
Temperature adjustment by air conditioner is indispensable for comfortable and cool rooms.
This time, the air conditioner of the third floor was newly adjusted☆
Because it is a type installed on the ceiling, it was quite a big-scale construction.

air conditioner on 3rd floor

↑This is it!
You can control the temperature of the whole room.

air conditioner on 3rd floor remote control

↑The remote control
How to operate the remote control is described in the house guide.

I think that guest's can get more comfortable with this.
I'll be waiting expectantly for your reservation☆
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