Shitennoji Wasso Festival!!


Hello everyone!
This time, I will introduce the festival of "Shitennoji" here.
That's "Shitennoji Wasso!"
This festival is held every year at this time.
There were many stall vendors in the festival, and there were plenty of people crowded.

Shitennoji Wasso gate
pyeongchang olympic mascot
many stall vendors
many stall vendors
many stall vendors

Shitennoji Wasso is a festival in Osaka that gracefully reproduced the international exchange of ancient East Asia.
"Wasso" of a shout means "I came" in contemporary Korean.
From long ago, friendly relations between Osaka and Korea(East Asia) are continuing.
It would be nice if a good friendship relationship could be built with me and the guests who stayed here☆

Shitennoji Wasso

Moon Jae-in korean president's message
Exchange event
Exchange event
Exchange event

Shitennoji Wasso

It is an 5-minute train ride from Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka Station(T26) to Tanimachi 4-chome Station(T23)

Please check the website next year's schedule♪

Shitennoji Wasso Websisite

I'll be waiting expectantly for your reservation☆
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